• Nutrient-Rich Superfood

    • Essential Fatty Acids: Quick source of energy.
    • Vitamins and Minerals: Packed with essential nutrients.
  • Heart Health Support

    • Cholesterol Regulation: Raises "good" cholesterol, lowers "bad" cholesterol.
    • Cardiovascular Function: Reduces inflammation, supports blood clotting.
  • Skin Enhancement

    • Natural Moisturizer: Deeply hydrates and maintains skin's moisture barrier.
    • Hair Nourishment: Improves texture, shine, and prevents breakage.
  • Digestive Health Promotion

    • Improved Nutrient Absorption: Aids in absorbing fat-soluble vitamins and minerals.
    • Gut Balance: Supports a healthy balance of gut bacteria.
  • Weight Management Support

    • Metabolism Boost: Increases metabolic rate for efficient calorie burning.
    • Satiety and Craving Control: Promotes a feeling of fullness, reduces overeating.
  • Natural Immune Support

    • Antiviral and Antibacterial Properties: Fights against infections and pathogens.
    • Immune System Modulation: Strengthens and regulates the immune system.

Nutritional Values

Cold press coconut oil is a rich source of nutrition, offering a variety of essential elements in just one tablespoon. With 120 calories, it provides a significant energy boost. The total fat content is 14 grams, primarily consisting of 12 grams of saturated fat. It contains zero trans fat and cholesterol, making it a heart-healthy choice. Additionally, cold press coconut oil is sodium-free and contains no carbohydrates or fiber. While it does not provide protein, it is a versatile and beneficial addition to your diet. Remember to incorporate coconut oil in moderation as part of a well-balanced eating plan.

  • Oil Out Rate

    35 to 40%

  • Press Method

    1. Broken into 1 to 2cm pieces

    2. Microwave heating 3-5 minutes or pan fried hot pressing

  • Feed Speed Control

    Free Control,Β 90Β° - 180Β°C

More About Oilseeds

Enrich your daily cooking with a variety of vitamins and minerals available in these oilseeds. You can now extract 18 types of oil from oilseeds right at home, preserving the natural goodness right from the seeds and straight onto your plate.