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How It works?

How It works?

CIBOFRESCO automatically heats, mixes, and removes moisture content from the oil seeds. once the moisture is removed the oilseeds are ready to be squeezed and oil is extracted in the container below the other remains and collected in the slag cup. Once the oil extracting process is complete the machine automatically beeps hence completing the whole process.

Is it easy to clean?

Cibofresco Home Oil Maker is designed with a concept of customer usage and a customer-friendly design. After extracting the oil we need to immediately make sure to clean the rod [ CAUTION the rod may still be hot] please use the provided gloves to handle the rod. Safely remove the rod and unscrew from the front such that the assembly is separated. The rod and the shaft need to be clean with the cleaning brush provided. Once cleaned the machine then can be used to extract the oil again.

What is oil made in Cibofresco Home Oil Maker like?

Oil is the biggest thing we obsessed about when designing Cibofresco Home Oil Maker. We want the oil extracted to meet each customer's personalized needs. Hence we are very careful on all the stages of oil extraction. A person cannot only meet his daily oil intake needs but also can extract oil for other purposes such as Hair oil, Massage oil, and oil from some medicinal oil seeds.

Can we keep adding Oilseeds in to the feeder Pot while Oil extraction is going on ?

For newly added Oilseeds moisture removal process can not be complete; hence this step is not recommended.

What is the capacity of the oilseed Feeder Pot?

The Feeder Pot can fill upto 1 kg of most commonly available oilseeds.

What happens when there is power cut off ?

During the scenario of power cut-off, the machine will stop immediately, and you will have to again set the extraction process right from the start.

How much time does the oil extraction process take ?

After Moisture Removal Process it will take 15-20 minutes for 1 kg of most oilseed

What should I do as a user when there is power cut off ?

During the scenario of power cut-off, since the machine will not start automatically again, the user must clean the pressing assembly on priority basis. The user must remove off the oilseeds from the feeder pot and musttry remove the rod while wearing Heatproof gloves and immediately clean the pressing assembly.

Does this Home Oil Maker work as a Cold Pressed or Hot pressed Oil Extraction ?

At Cibofresco, we wanted to make sure the freshly extracted oil retained all of its nutritional properties like in cold-pressed oils but at the same time have longer shelf life than cold-pressed oils.We found the Moisture Removal Technology to be the optimal solution for this. This way we ensure that you get the best of both worlds!

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Frequently asked questions


How many types of Oil we can extract from Cibofresco Home Oil Maker ?

Preset Oilseed selection menu is designed for 6 most consumed edible oils in India. Peanut, Sesame, Sunflower are commonly used oils. Mustard oil is a preference within Northern India & The Coconut oil is the choice of South Indian states. Flaxseed oil is good for healthy heart and recommended by the cardiologist.

Can we keep adding Oilseeds in to the feeder Pot while Oil extraction is going on ?

For newly added Oilseeds moisture removal process can not be complete, hence not recommended

Can we extract the oil other than preset Oilseed Selection menu ?

Yes ! You can extract oils from many other oilseeds like Almond, Pine nut, Walnut, Hazelnut, Apricot, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Canola, Kalongi & Niger Oil. To know more about this please visit our website under Oilseeds tab.

Which Oilseeds are not recommended to use in Cibofresco Home oil Maker ?

Oilseeds having hard shell are prohibited to extracting. Like Soyabean, Safflower, Amla, Corn and Olive oil seeds are strictly prohibited.

What should be size of dry coconut pieces for extracting oil?

The dry coconut pieces should not be greater than 3-4cm. The size of the coconut should be such that it passes through the oilseed feeder hole without getting stuck. This will ensure a smooth operation of the machine without any obstruction.

How many litres of oil can I extract from 1kg of peanuts ?

The amount of oil extraction depends on the quality of your oilseeds and also the moisture level within them. But typically from 1 kg of good quality oil rich peanuts we can extract 430-480ml of oil.

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